Everyday habits to be a better equestrian.

Physical Training

Cardio helps with everything from getting chores done around the barn to having plenty of lung power while on difficult or long rides. Strength training helps as you use muscle to aid with balance.


Eating healthy can also be a key component for serious horse people. There is no need to be on some strict diet for most people, but just enjoying food with balanced nutrition can really help.


If you have always been an active person that enjoys many different hobbies, you may find that eventually you need to choose some to focus on one more than others.


Keeping the family involved in some aspect of your equestrian life can be of great help. Not every family member has to ride to be involved. Kids often love to help feed and muck stalls!


Knowing the terminology for what you are doing can be incredibly helpful. Horsemanship can be learned by practice, but being able to ask questions is awesome. Read up or watch videos about equestrian activities to develop knowledge.


Goal setting is really important with any activity that you are serious about. Writing down a training plan for yourself or your horses is an excellent habit. A simple written to-do list is fine or there are dozens of mobile apps that are useful for keeping track of goals.


Getting enough sleep and taking break time will allow you to come back to horses refreshed each day. Burnout isn’t good for anyone!


Being an equestrian can be expensive, but budgeting can make a huge difference. Keep track of bills and luxury spending to avoid excess debt.

Time Management

Horses are good teachers when it comes to time. They demand to be fed on a schedule so you can utilize that to get up early or create a daily routine that works for you!


Staying in a good frame of mind is a habit like any other. If you catch yourself in a negative loop, take the time to think it over or talk with someone to resolve the issue. Having a great attitude will help you be at your best!

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