One place for all your horse files

Equus Note is an instrumental tool in the journey of any equestrian maturing in skill, thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Not only does Equus Note serve the purpose of reminding you of what happened in the past, but it also reminds you of who you are and where you’ve been.

Most horse people are wildly busy and barely have time to record their horse’s medical history, let alone their daily training sessions. Equus Note logs your equine experiences and keeping all of your horse’s records training sessions, GPS tracked rides and files in one convenient app.

Chances are, as you read this, your iPhone is within arm’s reach, and that’s assuming you’re not reading this on your iPhone. So wouldn’t having your horses’ health records, feeding regimes, farrier and dentist appointments saved within the app for easy access be a major time-saver?

In-app notifications tell you of any upcoming appointments for your horse – and creating a new entry or reoccurring reminder is as easy as sending a Facebook message.

Because your entries are backed up to the cloud and stored locally on each of your devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac) your diary entries are safe and accessible even if you damage your phone (something that happens far too frequently in the equestrian domain).

Logged entries can be tagged for easy access to important dates and important information—that means you can find those pictures for your vet or farrier when you need them most.

Equus Note is an app for photographs, quotes, feed regimes, ideas, inspiration, vet and farrier notes, and more.
Instead of having your most important moments dispersed across Facebook, Instagram, Email or a box in your cupboard, you can access them all in one place.

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