Benefits to keeping an equestrian diary

Equus Note is a digital mobile diary journal specifically for equestrians. The application is designed to help busy equestrians keep inspirations, dreams and goals that revolve around their horses in one convenient app. Seeems like a simple concept right? But it is also an important one for horse people.

Keeping a digital diary is great for jotting down your equestrian dreams and ambitions to help achieve your goals. ⁣
The importance of writing down equestrian goals is a bit like the analogy of building a house. ⁣If you try and do it without a blueprint it’s much harder. ⁣Journaling signifies to your brain “this is important” and the more detailed your written goals are, the higher the likelihood you have of achieving them.⁣

Your diary is not only where you record your insights and inspiration, but it’s where those insights become solidified and real. Equus Note is where you begin thinking deeply about your insights and ideas about riding and horse care, and where you strategize and plan the execution of those insights and ideas.

Equus Note can be utilized to:

Crystallize and clarify your equestrian thoughts and insights

Affirm to yourself that you can make your ideas and goals real

Make strategic plans for making your ideas and goals real

Gratefully acknowledge outside factors (spiritual or physical) playing a role in your daily routine.

Equus Note is designed for equestrians. A diary for your phone – where you can record ideas, dreams, and memories to enhance the relationship you have with your horse and understand more about yourself!

Free to download HERE

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