Journaling Your Equestrian Journey: The Value of a Digital Diary

Do you keep an equestrian journal? I do.

And it’s for much more than just documenting what goes on in my head daily. I journal because of my horse.

Writing wasn’t always a daily habit for me. Most of my old journal entries were random notes, bits and pieces that I remembered to scrawl down.
But luckily, those were the moments that mattered. They were milestones in my horses’ training or out on the trail that seemed unimportant at the time – but they actually played a significant role in shaping our relationship.

After several years of keeping a digital diary—regularly, though not daily — my stance on diary writing is that quantity begets quality.

Equus Note is an app designed for equestrians. It effortlessly accommodates both extremes of journaling.

From the long-form introspective stuff to the super-quick update about a great lunge session, or weight change in your horse.

As time passes, you know that the clarity with which you remember and recall certain events slowly diminishes. Conversations, milestones, special moments, experiences, facts, emotions, and more. Even with the most vivid of memories, it’s easy to  forget the context that events happened and even when that memory took place.

You might remember that your horse didn’t want to load—but not connect the dots why. .

You can learn things about yourself and how your riding is improving too.

You might reflect how after a lesson with your trainer that your horse started reacting better to the leg aids, or how after you changed your demeanor, your horse was calmer when the vet visited.

You can upload photos and videos of your horse working with you or other riders, to understand why he acts up with one person, and not another. You can keep his important records available at all times. 

Capturing both the big and small events of our equestrian lives in a diary takes only a few short minutes here and there.

A diary is an incalculable investment for the sport you love and the relationship you cherish with your horse.

As time passes, you can look back and recall how you felt the day of your first dressage competition. Special moments that deserve to be logged. 

In an ever-expanding digital world, there is now one place to keep and archive your equestrian moments and rides – and its Equus Note. 

The app is on phone – so you will always have mobile access that can be synced to the cloud and your Apple devices.

After you have downloaded the app and entered your horse, you can instantly start tracking your rides and training sessions, appointments, and changes to your horses health status.

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