Journaling is a powerful equestrian tool

Writing the highs and lows that you experience with your horse can be highly beneficial for the future.

Journaling these emotional waves will help you better assess whether you’re on the right path with your horse.

Your training can be improved by monitoring what is working and what is no.

If you don’t record these little details then you might be missing something important.

Equus Note App is an online journal for your iPhone that keeps track of your equestrian experiences and helps you achieve your goals.

Journaling each day helps you understand your horse better.

Is he getting fitter, softer, more supple?

Is he feeling stiffer, resisting the bit more, panicking when ridden or in company?

Without a journal that records your progress, you aren’t arriving at the hidden messages that your horse is teaching you, you can only get to those nuggets of truth by writing them down as soon as they happen.  

Keeping track of even the smallest details of your workout schedule via your journal will assist you in seeing patterns that can be improved on.

If you share the ownership of your horse with another person, or even ride in a team—you can share the daily progress of his training, his feed schedule, or even just his general health so that everyone understands how the things went that day, that hour, that second.

Equus Note is an online journal that records your memories, your emotions, your highs and your lows.

Because Equus Note is on your phone, there is no need to wait until you get home. You can write important ideas and goals to work towards in real time.

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