Harnessing Reflection: The Power of Equestrian Journaling with Equus Note

Making time to write down your thoughts and feelings provides valuable insights into your training and equestrian lifestyle.

Consider taking a journaling challenge with Equus Note by freewriting your thoughts for just a few minutes each day.

Start by jotting down anything that is on your mind and keep at it until you feel you have written what needs to be said but haven’t sunk into dark reflection/rumination.

Specify anything that is causing difficulties for you – maybe a training movement you can’t get right, or the courage to go out on a trail ride alone.

Keep in mind that sometimes what is worrying you isn’t something that occurred in the past, but a fear of what could happen in the future too.

Dont worry about typos and misspellings—that’s alright. Your the only one reading your entries anyhow. Don’t interrupt yourself to correct things; just keep writing.

At the end of the week review all that you’ve journaled and reflect on your concerns, worries and fears.

Explore why you felt that way and how could things be improved?

Seek opportunities to obtain understanding from yourself. Try writing down a sentence at the end of each logged entry on what you found most interesting from your writing.

Is there something that you could do to right now that you are in a different space transform your previous conclusions about your riding? We can learn so much from ourselves, but sometimes we need to make a conscious effort to stop, reflect and write it all down.

Writing is a potent tool for managing fear and anxiety. Give it a go for yourself today – and learn from those reflections tomorrow.

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