Equine health in Equus Note

A key function of Equus Note is the ability to keep track of vaccines and dewormers by type and date administered.

You can list any reactions that arise and record the results of any medical exams (including abnormalities, disorders, and concerns) and keep track of your horse’s health, body condition, and fitness.

This data is useful for maintaining a proper health schedule, and can also reveal concerning health patterns that you might want to monitor in the future.

You can find answers to questions such as why a certain horse reacts to one type of vaccine or wormer consistently.
By looking backwards you may figure out that your horse is sensitive to a particular sedative, or develops hives from something every year at the same time.

Add current appointments, set reminders to schedule appointments, and keep notes about any visits with the vet, chiropractor, or dentist. It is handy to have all of these items at your fingertips.

Equus Note has a calendar where you can organize appointments, training sessions, rides, etc. Never forget a vet appointment again.

Equus Note is available for download on iPhone through the Apple Store.

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